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You Belong at BotBuilt

At BotBuilt, we empower our people to forever change the way humanity works with technology. Our cross-functional team creates flexible robotic systems with the singular aim of solving the labor crisis in modern construction. Working on advances in artificial intelligence and computer vision, we take on some of the hardest technical challenges on earth to solve one of society’s biggest problems. As labor becomes increasingly scarce, humans will need to rely on our robotic systems to develop beautiful homes, safer job sites, and sustainable approaches to solve the housing crisis.

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Join Us in one of the country's best places to live: North Carolina! 

At BotBuilt, we are a team that is diverse in thought, but unified in mission and purpose. Our culture is curated by people like you: Intrepid in your ideas and audacious in bringing them to life. You have the courage to chase dreams, the humility to gain wisdom, and the spirit of a revolutionary. You are intellectually curious, find joy in building the future, and share that passion with everyone you meet.

We’re Hiring

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